Condominium Insurance California Coverage

Condominium Insurance California coverage also referred to as HO-6 policy covers damages within the unit, such as the interior walls and floors, your belongings, and guests who are injured in your home. It covers damage caused by fire and smoke damage, wind and hail damage, burst pipes, theft, vandalism and lightning strikes. California condominium insurance policy comes with two forms of coverage:

Actual Cash Value: Also referred to as “fair market value” is typically calculated by estimating the replacement value of the insured property, then subtracting the depreciation at the time of the loss.

Replacement Cost: It is the payment equal amount of money it costs to pay for your property as it was before if it’s destroyed or stolen. This is generally the most recommended option because it allows you to put yourself in the same position you were in prior to the loss.

Condominium ownership means you have specific insurance needs. Before you have a claim, make sure you get the right insurance for your unique circumstances.

The master condo policy typically protects only the shell of your unit, leaving your personal property and the unit interior at risk.

Condominium insurance is unique.

There’s no place like it – and it’s yours, so make sure you protect it.

Condo insurance mostly covers, such as the interior walls and floors, and the personal property of unit owners, including items like appliances and furniture.
while offering basic liability to cover bodily injury or property damage.

Addison Insurance Agency provides Condo Insurance that’s easy and offers great protection for every unit owner! Because a condo owner is not responsible for the structure of the building, condo policies are usually very affordable.

As an independent insurance agency, we aren’t limited to just one provider